Instructions on how to pay.

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There is no possibility to pay at the Embassy.

There are only three possibilities to pay:

  1. Online payment using a credit card via Bill Express Online
  2. Payment via Western Union QuickPay for customers outside of Jamaica
  3. Payment via a Bill Express office for customers in Jamaica

Amount to be paid: consular fees

You must always pay the correct amount in JMD (not in €).

Proof of the payment needs to be submitted to us together with your documents.


You pay via the website

You will need to create a profile in order to be able to make payments. Click on ‘SIGN UP’ (at the top) and follow the instructions.

After having created your profile you will be able to log in an make the payment following the below steps:

  1. log in
  2. click on the option ‘pay bills now’
  3. click on ‘set up account’
  4. choose ‘Embassy of Belgium’ from the list of billers and put AMBABEL876 as account number. For the account name you put the applicant’s name. Create one payment per person if you are paying for more than one person (so we can see the name of each applicant).
  5. confirm by clicking on ‘set up account’
  6. tick Embassy of Belgium and put in the amount to be paid in JMD
  7. click below on ‘pay bill’
  8. print your receipt

2. PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION QUICKPAY (customers outside of Jamaica)

You pay via Western Union QuickPay in the name of ‘Embassy of Belgium Jamaica’, account number AMBABEL876. The company code is JEOBELGIUM.

If Western Union asks for a reference number, you may use your passport or ID card number.

Western Union will apply their own exchange rates. They will calculate the equivalent of the JMD in USD to be able to make the payment. We receive the payment locally in JMD and need to receive the correct amount in JMD. We have no control over the exchange rates used by Western Union. We advise to pay a little more just to be sure we receive enough.

Notice: not all Western Union agents use QuickPay. You may research the agents that have access to QuickPay via the website of Western Union.

3. PAYMENT VIA BILL EXPRESS (customers in Jamaica)

You pay via a Bill Express office on this list (PDF, 37.81 KB) in the name of ‘Embassy of Belgium Jamaica’, account number AMBABEL876. The company code is JEOBELGIUM.