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Sending/Collection of documents

Your documents should be sent to and be retrieved from the following address :

Embassy of Belgium 
Courtleigh Corporate Center – 8th floor 
St Lucia avenue 6 
Kingston 5 
Jamaica, W.I.


  • All documents should be sent with a letter bearing your name, surname and your contact information (do not forget to include your e-mail address). The letter should clearly state the reason for which the documents are sent (visa application, legalisation, nationality…). If a payment has been made, the proof of payment should be sent  along with the documents.
  • As a result of the length of time it will take [for] the official postal services to deliver your shipment, (a registered letter can take up to 8 weeks to arrive at its destination), we recommend sending your documents by courier service (DHL, Fedex, etc.).
  • If you are sending documents to apply for a D-Visa, please send all the documents together at one time. Sending documents for one application, piece by piece, and from different persons living in different countries will only cause confusion and will considerably delay the treatment of your application.
  • Applications for a C-Visa can only be made in person. However, additional documents requested for applications that are already in treatment may be sent to us by courier service. We do not accept additional documents – requested or otherwise – by email.
  • Your may confirm the delivery of your documents on the website of your courier service. The Embassy will acknowledge receipt of your documents as soon as your visa application is in treatment. Please submit your email address in order for us to do so.


  • The Embassy is not required to make arrangements for the return of your documents.You may submit your documents with a return airway bill or you may make arrangements with a courier service to collect your documents once you have been informed that they may be collected.
  • If a prepaid return airway bill will be sent with your documents, please ensure that it is properly completed and that the information is legible. (Do not forget to include the Embassy’s address and your account number).
  • If your documents will be collected by a courier service, the courier must present an airway bill in the name of the party(ies) concerned (visa/passport applicant, persons whose names appear on documents to be legalised, etc.). The Embassy is not required to complete or print airway bills or to  contact courier services.
  • In our experience, the most trustworthy courier services are the following: 
    + DHL www.dhl.com, DHL Jamaica: +1 876 920 00 25 
    + Fedex www.fedex.com, Fedex Jamaica: +1 876 920 84 73
  • Persons residing in Jamaica should collect their documents at the Embassy. Documents may be collected by another person or by courier service if the Embassy is duly informed (by email only). Persons collecting documents on behalf of the concerned party(ies) must present a valid form of identification.