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Visa D (citizen and resident Suriname or Guyana)

Visa D for Belgium

You start the application process for your visa D via http://visaonweb.diplomatie.be/nl/Account/Login. Via this link you will register as a new user, fill out your application form online and submit it electronically.

You do NOT need to make an appointment. You do not need to come to the Embassy in person to apply, but you send us everything via courier service (DHL, Fedex…)

Note the following:

When registering as a new user you will need to create a password. Your password should be a combination of letters and numbers with at least one capital letter and at least one symbol (#,@,$,*,%,etc.).

All requested documents need to be sent to us via courier service (DHL, FedEx…).

Please ALWAYS provide a prepaid return airwaybill.

See: https://jamaica.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/sendingcollection-documents

If you send us more than one visa application at the same time, please ensure that 1/you send us a full application (every document requested) for every applicant, and 2/each application is packaged separately (eg one envelope per applicant, containing the full application of that person). We will not be responsible for organizing documents per applicant.

Please follow these instructions in detail.

If you do not follow the instructions we may not be able to treat your application, your application may be delayed severely or we may send you back your application untreated.

The time it will take to treat your application is highly dependent on your application and our workload. There is no fixed timeframe, nor a maximum or minimum.

Which documents do you need to submit?

Students: click HERE

Family reunification: click HERE

Visa for cohabitation or marriage in Belgium: click HERE

If you intend to work in Belgium, please consult: https://dofi.ibz.be/en/themes/third-country-nationals/work

Other visa categories: see general information on the Immigration Office website.


Do you have any further questions? Please send us a clear email (kingston@diplobel.fed.be). Visa related questions will not be answered by phone.