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Visa D (citizen and resident Jamaica)

Information on applying for a long-stay visa for Belgium.
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Visa D for Belgium

You start the application process for your visa D via Via this link you will register as a new user, fill out your application form online, submit it electronically and then make an appointment online.

Note the following:

  • When registering as a new user you will need to create a password. Your password should be a combination of letters and numbers with at least one capital letter and at least one symbol (#,@,$,*,%,etc.).

  • You should be present at the Embassy no more than ten (10) minutes before your appointment time.

Please note that during peak season (April to August) appointments may not be available immediately as we are regularly fully booked for up to three weeks or more. Take this into account when preparing your application.

The time it will take to treat your application is highly dependent on your application and our workload. There is no fixed timeframe, nor a maximum or minimum.


Please pay attention to the following instructions:

  • All applicants must be seated inside the Embassy ten (10) minutes before their appointment time. They should bear in mind that they will need to sign in at the security before entering. They will not be allowed to enter for the appointment once the appointment has started.
  • There is a fixed time for each session. As a result, applicants must ensure that all their documents are in order and are ready to be submitted (see Required Documents). No extra time will be given. Applicants should not be organizing their applications during their appointments. If they are not ready to submit their application when they are called they may lose their appointment.
  • Applicants must bring their own pens.
  • Applicants must turn off their phone fully before entering the Embassy. If the applicant does not comply, he/she will be asked to leave the Embassy.

Required documents

All required documents have to be submitted to the Embassy at the time of your appointment.

Other visa categories: see general information on the Immigration Office website

Do you have any further questions? Please send us a clear email ( Visa related questions will not be answered by phone.